This Could Be A Problem
By: Cbpatches2001

Scene shows a junkyard. Two trashmen come out lugging a chest. They throw it and it pops open when it lands.

Man: That's the last for the day.

They leave. The camera looks at the chest and a familiar green haired figure comes out.

Vince: It's Vince, in the junkyard, with some friends.

A girl comes out of the box. She looks about five or six. Then a boy comes out. He's about Tommy's age. He looks like a superhero, only a cool one, without the gay tights. They all start to laugh insanely.

Scene shows Tommy, Merton, and Lori by the lockers. School was going to be out soon.

Tommy v.o.: I was feeling great, I passed my chemistry test, I had no homework, and there was nothing paranormal to screw things up. Life was great.

Lori: Merton, you have some toilet paper on your shoe.

Merton looks down and we see a wad of toilet paper trailing on the floor behind him.

Merton: Aw, man!

He puts his shoe up to remove it.

Merton: Hey! This is super glued!

He starts to tear it off. Lori opens her locker and Vince, the girl, and the boy came out.

Merton: Vince?

Lori: Christy?

Tommy: Bob?

They all look around.

Merton: Uh, come on!

He grabs Tommy and Lori's arms and drags them to an empty classroom. Vince and the other two follow.

Merton: Maybe someone could explain!

Vince: I came back for you, so we could play. Just like old times!

Merton: Who are the other two?

Lori: The girl's Christy. She was my imaginary friend.

Merton: Okay....

Tommy: The guy's Bob. He was my imaginary friend.

Lori: Your imaginary friend was a superhero named Bob?

Tommy: Hey, I was five!

Merton: Vince, Christy, Bob, hate to break it to you, but we don't want to play anymore.

Vince: Of course you do!

Bob: But Tommy and Lori abandoned us!

Christy: We have to bwing you with us, so we can play fowever!

Tommy: This might be a good time to run!

Lori: I agree!

They started running. Merton was in the lead with Lori and Tommy behind.

Merton: How're we going to run away? They have powers!

Lori: Just keep going!

Christy came around the corner.

Tommy: Split up!

Merton, Lori and Tommy ran in different directions.

Scene shows Tommy running down one hall, luckily school's out so it's empty. He wolfs out. We see Christy fly out.

Tommy: Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size?

Christy: Oh, my! You'we so cute! You shouldn't be so mean, it not vewy nice!

She starts to giggle. Then she shoots out some white light and it hits Tommy. He flies against the wall and gets knocked unconscious.

Christy: Lowi, whewe awe you?

She flies off.

Scene shows Merton running down another hall.

Merton: Okay, if I were a green haired phycopath where would I be? Merton, don't panic. This is no time to lose your cool.

Bob flies around a corner.

Merton: Okay, time to panic!

He starts to run away but Bob grabs him. He pushes him into a locker and grabs him by the neck. He starts to push him up.

Bob: Where's Terminator Tom?

Merton was choking.

Merton: Who?

Bob: Terminator Tom, Fool!

Lori comes around the corner.

Lori: I don't think so!

She kicks him and he flies backwards. He goes through the wall. Merton slides down the locker. Lori helps him up.

Lori: Are you okay?

Merton: Besides the tremendous pain and numbness in my legs, I'm fine. Let's go find Tommy and get out of here.

They walk a little ways, then the electricity goes out. It's completely dark.

Merton: Vince.

Lori: Great, what do we do now?

Merton: Feel your way towards me.

They started feeling around.

Lori: Merton, is that your hand?

Merton: It's me, but it's not my hand.

Lori: Oh, gross! That's sick!

Merton: Sick, yes, but enjoyable.

Lori: Come on, let's go.

She grabbed onto his real hand and they felt their way in the darkness.

Lori: Tommy?! Are you there?

Merton: Oof! Ow!

Lori felt him let go of her hand.

Lori: Merton, are you okay? Merton?!

Merton: I'm on the ground, I tripped on something.

Lori: I can't see anything. Where are you?

Merton: Right here.

Lori: Where?

Merton: Over here!

Lori: Wait a second, there's a window. I can see some light coming out of the cracks in the curtains! Hold on a sec. Stay there.

Merton: Do I have a choice?

Lori made it to the window and opened it. Merton was still on the ground. Lori looked over at Merton and he looked at what he tripped over. It was Tommy.

Merton: Ahh!

He backed away, while still on the ground.

Lori: Tommy!

She ran over.

Lori: Is he dead?

Merton: I don't think so.

He shook him.

Merton: Tommy! Tommy, wake up!

Tommy didn't stir.

Lori: What are we going to do?

Merton: I think I have an idea! Let's go back to the lair.

Lori: That's your idea?

Merton: Well, you have anything better to do?

Scene shows Merton and Lori coming into the lair. Merton is carrying Tommy's feet and Lori is carrying his arms. They set him on the bed.

Lori: Now what?

Merton: Lori, Lori, Lori.

Lori: You don't know, do you?

Merton: I have no idea!

Lori: Look what your imaginary friend did!

Merton: There is no proof that it was Vince! Though it is highly likely, but there's still no proof!

Lori: You want proof! There's your proof!

She pointed at Tommy. Tommy woke up.

Tommy: Guys?

Lori: Tommy! Are you all right?

Tommy: Could be worse.

He got up.

Merton: Wait a second, didn't you used to be taller than me?

He looked at Tommy, who, in fact, was shorter.

Tommy: This might be a problem.

Vince, Christy, and Bob appeared.

Christy: Come pway with us! It's lonely! Lowi, don't you like me?

Bob: Terminator Tom, we must go save the world!

Merton looked at Tommy.

Merton: Terminator Tom?

Tommy: What? I was little!

Vince: It's Vince and his friends, in the lair, with our playmates.

Merton: Run!

Lori: I was thinking the same thing!

They ran out the door. Tommy unwolfed. They stopped and ran into the factory. They crawled under the bar. Tommy looked around, then he felt a searing pain shoot down his body. He doubled over in pain.

Lori: Tommy?! What's wrong?!

Tommy: I don't know I-

He fainted.

Merton: Tommy!

Lori shook him.

Lori: Tommy! Not again!

Merton: Does he seem shorter to you?

Lori: This isn't the time, Merton!

Merton: Seriously, he does seem shorter.

Lori: Let's go out the back.

They went out the back door by the bar.

Scene shows them in the woods. Merton and Lori set Tommy down and turn around to look for the imaginary friends.

Merton: I don't see them.

Lori: Merton, where's Tommy?

Merton turned around. Tommy was no where to be seen. Suddenly, a kid jumped on top of Merton and put his hands over his eyes.

Merton: Lori, get it off me!

Lori grabbed the kid and held him there.

Lori: It's just a kid.

Boy: I'm not a kid!

All of a sudden his teeth turned to fangs and he was hairier. He was a werewolf. He punched Lori in the stomach. She let him go.

Boy: Don't mess with Tommy Dawkins!

He howled into the night. He started laughing.

Boy: Catch me if you can!

He ran away.

Merton: That was Tommy!

Lori: Chisty must have- oh no!

Merton: What happened?

Lori: Well Christy, my imaginary friend, said she would keep me young forever, and she had the power to make someone young. She tested it on my dog first and he got so young that he disappeared altogether!

Merton: And now she used it on Tommy!

Scene shows Merton and Lori in the woods.

Merton: Here little wolf cub, we're not going to hurt you.

Lori: I think he knows we're out here looking for him.

Suddenly, Tommy jumped out of the trees and landed on Merton. He was acting strange. He got up and started wobbling around.

Little Tommy: I don't feel so good.

He fell over. He glows yellow for a second, then the form shrinks. When it stops glowing, we see Tommy is now about three years old.

Lori: We've got to find Christy! She can reverse it!

Merton grabbed Tommy. He woke up and started to laugh. He started pulling on Merton's hair.

Merton: Ow! Hey!

Lori: Give him here. You don't need to startle him.

She took Tommy.

Lori: There you go. It's all right.

He kicked her hard.

Lori: All right, I'm gonna kick you to the moon!

Merton took Tommy.

Merton: Let's find Christy.

Christy: You called?

Lori: Christy, reverse this now!

Christy: Will you pway with me?

Lori: Yes.

Christy: Oh, goody!

She shot some light out and it hit Tommy. He suddenly grew in Merton's arms and they both fell over.

Merton: Ow!

Tommy: Are you okay, Merton?

Merton: Don't worry, it's just another in a long line of humiliations.

Christy: Will you pway with me now?

Lori: How about in the junkyard with your trunk?

Christy: Yah!

Vince and Bob appeared.

Vince: Don't count me and Bob out. Let's play Clue!

They walked to the junkyard.

Scene shows them in the junkyard. Merton walks up to the chest and looks inside it. We see him take the Clue game and hide it in his long black trenchcoat.

Merton: I can't find it.

Vince: Let me take a look.

He went into it to look.

Vince: Where is it?

Bob: Let Christy and me look.

Christy and Bob went into it.

Christy: It's not in hewe.

Tommy closes the lid on them. Lori goes into the junkyard and finds a good lock. She puts it on the chest and the imaginary friends can't get out.

Christy{ muffled }: You twicked us!

Lori: I never liked you anyways. Come on, guys, let's go home.

They walk off.

Tommy v.o.: So Vince, Bob, and Christy were gone and we were safe. Life was good. I don't think we'll be seeing our imaginary friends anymore.

The camera zooms in on the chest and we can hear banging from inside it.

Fade to black.


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