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General FanFiction

This Could Be a Problem

Vince is back with some new friends! Can Merton, Tommy,
and Lori put them back in the chest, or will they
have to play forever?
By: Cbpatches2001

Imaginary Friends and Their Playmates

Prelude to a Vince fic. Vince is back, and it's Re-Re-Re-Revenge time!
By: Mistoffeelees

The Man Who Wasn't There

Vince, lonely and unhappy, runs into another Imaginary Friend. But as he learns more about her, he beings to realize that Pel isn't all that she seems to be.
(beetle654's note-It's finally up!!!)
By: Sanguinary

I Was Made to Love You

We all know that Merton put Vince in a chest... But what's the story
behind that?

By: Sanguinary

The Song of the Scarlett Ibis

Six-year olde Lori Baxter - her imaginary friend Scarlett Ibis - and of
course the oh, so lovable, spork-biting, Vince. Rated:PG-13
By: Isis

The Return of Vince

Our favorite imaginary friend is back.
By:Morbid Vesper

Can Imaginary Friends Love Each Other?

Vince and Pel meet Charmane, a new, ahem, "friend" for Vince
(spoilers for "The Man Who Wasn't There")
Under Construction